ENX Service Components

Türk Telekom ENX service consists of the following components:

  • IP SEC – TT VPN secure service as the network to carry ENX service. The ENX service definition defined by ENX Union involves a tunnel that is mandatorily confirmed in accordance with the IPSec standards as an encoded tunnel.
  • Customer place equipment (CPE) will be provided and managed completely by Türk Telekom.
  • Service Level Contracts will be provided in accordance with the TT VPN SLAs.

The main benefits of Türk Telekom ENX service may be defined as follows:

  • One single connection to the TT ENX Service provides connection to all ENX members.
  • One single TT ENX connection provides connection with all of the automotive manufacturers and suppliers that are connected to the TT ENX network. Besides, it is also possible to access the Commerce Partners that are connected to ENX service of another ENX CSP. ENX services that are connected to each other are based on the same ENX service definition. The Certification Institution and equipment in use are in accordance with ENX.
  • TT VPN security that separates ENX Commerce Partners from other network users
  • IP VPN secure network provided by MPLS is a nonconnected and private network that has a security as VPNs installed on FR or ATM. Türk Telekom has created a separate ENX VPN for TT ENX users. Any connection that does not have an ENX registry number is not allowed on the network.
  • IPSec security that provides secure connection between two Commerce Partners
  • It is possible to provide actual communication between two Commerce Partners only if an open request is made by a Commerce Partner to establish an IPSec tunnel to the respective Commerce Partner. Additional security is provided thanks to the ENX defined Digital Certificate Public Key Infrastructure so as to verify the actuality of devices.
  • Lower cost
  • The companies in automotive sector no longer need to implement and manage their own communication solutions. It is possible to provide additional cost saving by implementing ENX service over the existing IP VPN secure connection.
  • More flexibility and scalability
  • Thanks to the MPLS/BGP technology, VPNs are dynamically created and changes are rapidly implemented in large networks, while protecting privacy and security..
  • Support for unregistered and private addresses
  • Besides IPSec technology, IP VPN Secured MPLS technology allows Commerce Partners to use unregistered and private addresses.
  • More authenticity
  • Türk Telekom has built its Telekom ENX service on well established and secure MPLS – TT VPN product.