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Türk Telekom has always been the major communication network in Turkey since 1840.



April 24th

By separating the telecommunication and Postal services in PTT from each other, Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. was founded.



The wireless telephony system (KTS), which provides wireless access to local exchanges, was brought into service.


Cable Internet applications were started on Cable TV.


January 8th

Aycell Haberlesme ve Pazarlama Hizmetleri A.S. was founded.

March 21th

Iş-TIM Telekomünikasyon Services Inc. started to operate with the commercial name of ARIA


February 19th

TT&TIM Communication Services Inc., establihed by the merger of Turk Telekom’s GSM Operator Aycell and İŞ-TİM, was officially founded.

October 15th

The commercial name of “TT&TIM Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.” was changed as “Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.”

July 22nd

Türksat A.Ş. was established and started operating apart from Türk Telekom.


November 14th

Türk Telekom’s privatization process was completed and %55 shares of Turk Telekom was sold to Oger Telecoms Joint Venture Group.


September 15th

Türk Telekom acquired İŞ-TİM’s 40.56% share in Avea for USD 500 million and Turk Telekom’s share in Avea increased to 81.12%.


May 15th

The initial public offering for 15% of Turk Telekom shares was completed and the shares started trading in the Istanbul Stock Exchange.



Avea successfully started 3G services.



An integrated multi-pass fiber optic network was installed between the Middle East, Southern Asia and the Far East as a result of the JADI LINK project signed on 16th June 2010, where the name derives from the initials of the following cities; Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Amman (Jordan), Damascus (Syria) and Istanbul (Turkey).


Türk Telekom acquired Invitel International (named as Turk Telekom International AG AT after the acquisition), leading wholesale and data services provider in the CEE region.



Türk Telekom is the first telecommunications company of Turkey to report to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) its carbon emission.


Türk Telekom Mobile service in Germany is provided through Türk Telekomünikasyon Euro GmbH company which is wholly-owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom.



Isbank Group Companies, owning 18.63% shares of Türk Telekom subsidiary, Avea, chose not to exercise their preemptive rights while Türk Telekom exercised its unexercised rights as well as its own rights, resulting in Türk Telekom's ownership in Avea increasing to 89.99% on March 30, 2012.



The Board of Directors resolved in accordance with Clause 7 of Articles of Association of our Company and paragraph 3 of Clause 31 of Capital Markets Law that all procedures required by relevant legislation, including Capital Markets Board regulations, shall be satisfied, one or more debt capital instrument shall be issued overseas without domestic public offering within one year after the approval of the Capital Markets Board in the form of a conventional bond and/or sukuk at a maximum value of USD 1 billion, or its equivalent (including USD 1 billion or its equivalent) and at a maximum final maturity of ten years (including ten years), in foreign currency and/or Turkish Liras.


Turk Telekom empowered by the Revenue Administration and became the first private e-invoice integrator of the telecommunication sector.


Türk Telekom signed a strategic partnership with USA based Akamai with the aim of optimizing the network efficiency of Turkey's Internet infrastructure. The partnership was announced at a press conference in London.


On December 10, 2013 with the resolution adopted by Board of Directors, Türk Telekom announced the restructuring of its leadership by combining the roles of the Group CEO and the General Manager into a single CEO position and removing the Group CFO position. Rami Aslan, who has been serving on the board of Türk Telekom and as CEO of Oger Telecom, was appointed as CEO of Türk Telekom as of December 10, 2013.



Türk Telekom and Orange Business Services sign a giant cooperation. With the 'Türk Telekom Global Kurumsal Ağ' (the Türk Telekom Global Corporate Network), which is the fruit of the signed agreement, Turkish companies will be able to manage their communications with anywhere in the world, easily and safely, with the comfort of their own HQ in Turkey.


Türk Telekom completed US$ 1 billion bond issuance. The inaugural issuance is carried out across two tranches, of US$ 500 M each, with a maturity of 5 and 10 years respectively. It was the best bond issue ever launched by a Turkish corporate


The international credit rating corporation Standard&Poors (S&P) increased Türk Telekom's rating to BBB-; investment grade, underlining the 1 bn $ worth of successful bond exports of June 2014 that improved the company's liquidity position.