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Our Integrated Management System Policy

Entegre Yönetim Sistemi Politikamız 

Beyond our role as a telecommunication operator; being one of the key actors of transition to information society; continuously growing by taking into account the principles and requirements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and customer satisfaction management in all our procedures; focusing on improving productivity, its customers and the market; ever prioritizing its social responsibilities; and valuing its employees, we:

  • Ensure continuous improvement and development of our integrated management system through active and constructive contributions of our people,
  • Commit to comply with applicable national and international legal and regulatory requirements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, complaint management system and business continuity, for which we are responsible,
  • Develop and apply systems focused on guaranteeing occupational health and safety, preventing injuries, health impairments and occupational accidents;
  • Provide customer satisfaction by settling complaints, requests and recommendations of our customers in a fair, unbiased, confidential and timely manner, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and the Company rules;
  • Commit to control, mitigate or eliminate significant environmental impacts arising from our activity; and
  • Target to guarantee first of all life safety in case of disaster and emergency in our Business Continuity services, and ensure continuity of our service by improving our business continuity capacity.


Türk Telekom Group shapes its business processes, offices, products and services around the principles of sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations

Shaping its business processes, offices, products and services around the principles of sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations, Türk Telekom views the active participation of employees, their families, suppliers and customers in this process as an integral part of its strategy.

Sustainability in Business Processes

İş Süreçlerinde Sürdürülebilirlik 

Well aware of the social and environmental impact of its high level of energy consumption, Türk Telekom attach importance to undertake investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to use natural resources efficiently, to extend the use of renewables, and to minimize adverse impacts on nature.

By using solar and wind energy, the company is able to make carbon savings. In order to boost energy efficiency and reliability, the company replaces less efficient DC energy equipment with high efficiency models. Similarly, with central transformation/FiberkenTT project, central with low energy efficiency are replaced with next-generation centrals and outdoor equipment with high-energy efficiency.

Türk Telekom reduces carbon emissions by replacing air conditioners in system rooms with next generation Free-Cooling air conditioning units with low energy consumption. The Smart Metering Project enables the Company to monitor energy consumption in detail, and when necessary, in real time. In addition, services formerly running on older generation systems unavailable for technical support and maintenance were transferred onto next-generation transmission systems. The results of this modification were improvements at the maintenance facility, energy savings, hall upgrades and increased service quality.

Sustainability in Offices

Entegre Yönetim Sistemi Politikamız 

Meanwhile, sustainability efforts undertaken at offices, as well as building/hall optimization projects provide space savings, leading to drastic cuts in energy consumption for cooling purposes. Environmental practices such as the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, heat insulation and jacketing, commuting by public transport, building automation, an environmentally friendly car fleet, paper recycling, electronic document management system, centralized printing, e-learning, tele-presence, and video conferencing help increase recycling rates and overall savings, while reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, the e-invoice, an eco-friendly product, enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Entegre Yönetim Sistemi Politikamız 

Türk Telekom has became the first Turkish Telecommunication company that reported to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project / Karbon Saydamlık Projesi) in 2010. While in 2011 Türk Telekom was rewarded as one of the top two reporting companies in terms of methodology and disclosure, in 2012 it has become one the top five.​​​​​​