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The first Postal Ministry and postal authority called Postahane-i Amire were established.



Telegraph Office was founded 11 years after the invention of telegraph.



Postal Office and Telegraph Office was united under one roof and transformed into Postal and Telegraph Ministry.



First manual telephone exchange began to offer service in Istanbul. Postal, Telegraph and Telephony Ministry took the name of Postal, Telegraph and Telephony Ministry.



Turkey's first automatic telephone exchange was put into the service in Ankara with a 2000-line capacity.



Single-circuit first long distance communication was carried out between Ankara-Istanbul.



Multi-channel long line communication service was provided via the first submarine coaxial cable with a total of 480 channels between Antalya and Catania.



By putting the first satellite communication ground station into service, communication with 13 countries over INTELSAT was provided.



First pay phone stations opened to long range and international calls.



Turkey's first digital telephone exchange was put into service in Ankara Kavaklıdere.



First underground fiber optic cable was laid between Ankara (Ulus) - Gölbaşı Satellite earth station.
The first digital radio link system was brought to service between Ankara and Istanbul.



Mobile telephony system was put into service in Ankara and Istanbul; and paging system in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.



First video conference over the satellite system in Europe was realized in Turkey.
Long range aerial fiber optic cable was first laid between Aydın and Denizli.



The first Cable TV service was brought into service to be watched in Ankara, Çankaya.



First Packet Switching Data Network TURPAK was installed.



Communication via fiber optic submarine cable was provided between Italy-Greece-Middle East within the scope of the EMOS 1 project.



Turkey met with GSM technology. The service was initially brought to subscribers in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.
Turkey's first satellite TURKSAT was launched into space.



Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. was founded by separating the telecommunication and postal services.



National Internet Backbone Network of Turkey (Turnet) was brought into service. Frame Relay service allowing high-speed data transmission was brought into service.



Aycell was founded as a GSM company belonging to Turk Telekom.
GSM license was transferred to Turkcell and Telsim companies for 25 years.
Contract regarding TTNET national Internet infrastructure networks was signed.



Implementation of MERNİS Project developed to conduct population studies in computing environment commenced.



First Metro Ethernet application started.
A joint project with the Ministry of National Education initiated to provide 42.500 schools with internet connection via ADSL service.



TTwinet - Wireless Internet Service was brought into service on 160 hot-spots.
With the privatization of Turk Telekom, shares were transferred to Oger Joint Venture Group.



Total stake of Turk Telekom in Avea rose to 81.12%.



Innova, Argela and Sebit joined the Turk Telekom Group.
AssiTT was founded to conduct Call Center operations.



15% of Turk Telekom stakes was offered to public and began to be traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange.



Avea began to offer 3G services.



Türk Telekom started television broadcasting by launching Tivibu.
Being the leading wholesale capacity provider of Central and East Europe regions, PANTEL joined the Turk Telekom group.



High-speed ADSL 2+ Internet service was implemented.
Turk Telekom became the first Telco company from Turkey by reporting carbon emission to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).



Turk Telekom's ownership in Avea increased to 89.99%.
Turk Telekom won the infrastructure tender regarding the first stage of Fatih Project.
Turk Telekom became the first Turkish company to take R&D loan from European Investment Bank to be used in information and communication technologies.



Turk Telekom became the first private integrator of e-billing in the Telco industry.



Turk Telekom exported the bond at the amount of USA $1 billion to its investors.
Copyrights of UEFA Champions League and European League matches were acquired for three seasons beginning from 2015-2016 season.



Avea İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. share transfer transactions to Turk Telekom was completed. Turk Telekom became the sole owner of Avea.
Avea hold the record in Turkey in 4.5G speed test.
Turkey's first integrated smart city project started in Karaman.