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Türk Telekom Arge 

Turk Telekom carries the vision of leading the field in communication technologies in Turkey and the region for the purpose of offering innovative solutions to its customers through researching, developing and commercializing the next generation technologies by its R&D and innovation activities. With this vision, research and development activities are conducted by one of the group companies Argela under a single umbrella for the purpose of conducting the same in a more efficient and effective manner.

Turk Telekom established a powerful ecosystem including universities, SME's conducting a great number of R&D activities and international R&D partnerships to use the existing knowledge accumulation potential in our country at the highest level possible.

R&D activities are shaped in the direction of following strategies for the purpose of developing innovative product and service prototypes, expanding patent portfolio of the Group, researching, assessing the advanced technologies that may affect the Group activities and contributing in adoption of these technologies:

  • Establishing close relations with universities and supporting open innovation,
  • Developing prototypes that may turn into innovative products and services and supporting commercialization process by working with SME R&D partners,
  • Analyzing and evaluating new technologies, developing patents and identifying technological road map through the fundamental R&D studies,
  • Conducting advanced research projects by joining multi national research projects.

University-Industry Research Collaborations

Within the scope of university-industry research collaborations, knowledge accumulation in universities is transferred to Turk Telekom. To that end, periodic subjects are determined and academicians submit project proposals accordingly. Project proposals are assessed by a jury consisting of related department representatives and collaborative research projects are determined. In this way, it is aimed at transforming advanced technologies developed in universities by providing mutual information exchange into commercial application.

Within the scope of university and industry research collaborations, a total of 58 projects, some completed some underway, have been conducted with 15 universities to date, including one institution abroad. These collaborations conducted with 47 professors and many graduate students, have resulted in 51 journal/conference papers and three national patent applications. Also, five of the completed projects were selected as candidates for product.

R&D Partners

In 2014, Argela also continued the R&D studies that it maintained with its business partners developing technology on behalf of Turk Telekom and intensified its studies under the ecosystem created with experienced SME's during international research processes. The company, making progresses on the ongoing next generation research issues such as mobile platforms, increased reality, image processing, location based services, etc., plans to maintain its joint R&D studies with companies operating in Technocities on the research subjects determined in line with the R&D strategies of the group in 2015.

Multinational Research Projects

Within the scope of multinational research projects, Turk Telekom conducts multi partnered research projects with international universities, research centers, large corporations and SME's having technological competence. The main purpose in these projects it to benefit from this knowledge accumulation by collaborating with the organizations specialized in certain issues. There are four ongoing projects within this scope and supported by European Commission. Turk Telekom took part in 12 multinational research projects in total, in these seven are (ROMEO, OFERTIE, BATS, COMBO, i-Treasures, ForgetIT, ACTION-TV) 7th Framework Program (FP7) and five are (MEVICO, H2B2VS, MITSU, TILAS, SIGMONA) Celtic-Plus projects. MEVICO has been completed successfully and termination stage has been reached in the other two (ROMEO, OFERTIE). Other projects are underway as planned.

Avea R&D Activities

Avea also maintained its R&D activities in 2014. Having received support from 13 projects within the scope of TÜBİTAK TEYDEB programs from 2010 till the end of 2014, Avea took part as project partner in two projects within the scope of Seventh European Framework Program (FP7). Avea gave support to projects in the same period and succeeded to raise its patent application number over 60 and number of publications it makes over 30.

Studies on 5G Technology

Avea, maintaining its studies under the MOTO and SIGMONA projects in 2014, included in the CROWD (Connectivity Management for Energy Optimized Wireless Dense Networks) projects supported under the European Union Framework Programs and continued to conduct important studies on fifth generation mobile communication technology within the scope of these projects.

University Collaborations

Avea R&D center conducts projects in different fields within the scope of its long term collaborations with universities. In 2014, its collaborations with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in international field and with Bilkent University in the national scale continued. While its project studies on Google Glass with MIT were underway, it also carried out project studies with Bilkent University on social media analyses.

Incubation Center

Avea became TÜBİTAK 1512B Entrepreneurship Staged Support Program Call Partner in order to make new entrepreneurs benefit from the Incubation Center in the beginning of 2014.

Avea Incubation Center started a call program towards entrepreneurs as well as the scope of program coded TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1512B; M2M accepted project applications in big data and telco systems focus fields and carried out assessment processes within 2014.


  • R&D and innovation activities performed by Avea made tremendous impact both in Turkey and world wide. Thus, many awards were taken and advanced to the finals in many fields in 2014. Within this scope, the wards received in 2014 are as follows:
  • "Electronic Tracking in Preventing Violence Against Women" of Avea in "Tough Nut to Crack Project Manager Awards" carried out for the "first time" in this year within the National Project Profession Conference by Turkish Project Management Profession Institute (TPYME) brought Avea Corporate Value Added Services Project Sales Senior Expert Tuna Ata "The Best Project Manager" award.
  • Avea Customer Services Responsible Deputy General Manager Orçun Onat received the Silver Stevie Award in the 8th Stevie Awards "Customer Services Leader of the Year" category; Avea Customer Services received the Bronze Stevie Award in the "Customer Services Center of the Year" category.
  • Avea IT Test Team; named as the "Test Team of the Year" in 2014 TESTA (The European Software Testing Awards) held in London on 18 November 2014. It became the first team receiving award from Turkey in this field.
  • Avea received the "The Best BT Management of the Year" award in the international HP Discover 2014 event held in Barcelona.
  • Avea received the “Corporate Social Responsibility Solution of the Year "Equality of Opportunity Award" in the Corporate Social Society (CSS) Market of Turkey with its "We Produce with Our Core" being the biggest disabled career planning and "Vocal Steps" projects allowing sight-disabled persons to wander in the complex buildings without being lost.
  • Avea gained the second price on the platform where the best 11 call centers of Europe among which Germany, France and Italy took place struggled in the special event held in London by The European Confederation of Call Center Organizations (ECCCO).
  • Avea received "The Most Innovative Product/Idea Award" with its Identity Access and Management Project in the "2. Young Turkey Summit" held with the main theme of "Think Innovative, Manage the Future".
  • Turk Telekom Group Technology President Coşkun Şahin, stood for three projects of AVEA in CIO awarding the leaders contributing to transformation of corporations by using technology, received the CIO of the Year award.
  • Avea was named as "the operator increasing brand value and reputation in 2014" in the "The ONE Awards" Integrated Marketing Awards held for the first time in 2014 within the scope of "2014 Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement" research with the collaboration of Marketing Turkey and AKADEMETRE.
  • The new intranet portal came in the second place with its New Intravea Project in the branch of "Best Innovation Project" in IDC, CIO Awards; and in the third place in the category of “Best Business Enablement Project”.

TTNET Research and Innovation Activities

Within the scope of the Technology Valley Program started by TTNET in 2013 for the sake of developing the digital ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurs in Turkey, 17 project teams in total were placed to Incubation Center in Istanbul and Izmir in 2014 and infrastructure, office and mentorship were provided to the entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur was given the opportunity to go to the Silicon Valley and projects were introduced to the potential investors by being assessed within the scope of business partnership within TTNET at the end of the program. Technology Valley Program was integrated with Turk Telekom Pilot Program within the framework of Turk Telekom Group strategies and priorities as of the end of 2014.

TTNET maintains its R&D studies started by Sobee on game developing by Sobee merging. The "Codename: Arena" game reached the playable level through the ongoing studies within this scope.

In addition to these, studies on issues such as innovative service developing studies regarding digital payment platforms, TekŞifre allowing user account control of TTNET services from a single point, TTNET Suggestion Engine allowing to suggest our customers the most suitable contents and services in a real time manner, transforming TTNET Kitap into digital publication platform to maximize the user experience and developing infrastructure platform TTNET SDK and TTNET Müzik User Rights Management System for the purpose of managing ongoing mobile applications.