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Turk Telekom At A First Glance

Turk Telekom, with 176 years of long-standing history, is the first integrated Telco company of Turkey. Türk Telekom adopted a "customer oriented" integrated structure in order to respond to the rapidly changing communication and technology needs of customers in the most powerful and the most correct way while unifying Turk Telekom, Avea and TTNET under the single umbrella of "Türk Telekom" brand as of January 2016.

As the "Turkey's Quadruple Player", Turk Telekom offers a complete range of mobile, fixed voice and broadband and TV services. It has restructured its products and services under "Consumer" and "Corporate" business units. It offers a wide service network and product range extending over the farthest ends of Turkey in consumer and corporate services field. With the vision of introducing new technologies in Turkey and accelerating Turkey's transformation into an knowledge society, it offers service in all 81 cities of Turkey with almost 33 thousand employees.

Having undertaking a key role in societies' access to knowledge, Turk Telekom puts the information technologies that are basic driving force for sustainable economic growth and community development into use across Turkey. Developing products and services, it contributes to people's access to knowledge that cannot join the community life due to economic, social or physical reasons. With this understanding, it conducts tens of projects towards eliminating the obstacles before the disadvantageous groups; from the "Life is Easy with Internet" project encouraging Internet use and cited as setting an example to the world by the United Nations to the "Daylight" project supporting those with low vision in maintaining their lives as independent and self-assured individuals.

Embracing its rich history and heritage, experiences and forward-looking business approach, Türk Telekom adapts the vision of making Turkey a key player in the global arena. By transforming Turkey into a global digital base, it targets both domestic and worldwide Internet traffic to be carried out over Turkey for various industries including transportation, energy, finance, etc.

Ownership structure

55% of Türk Telekom shares belong to Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.Ş., 30% belongs to Turkish Treasury and 5% belongs to Turkish Treasury Fund. The remaining 15% is publicly traded. Türk Telekom shares are listed in Borsa Istanbul.

Turk Telekom shares are traded at Borsa Istanbul (BİST) as of May 2008.

Turk Telekom also owns the 100 percent of convergence technologies company Argela, BT solution provider Innova, online training software company Sebit, call center company AssisTT, wholesale data and capacity service provided Turk Telekom International and its subsidiaries.


*According to Official Gazette was published on 5 February 2017, Council of Ministers decided to transfer 6,68% (5% B Group shares & 1.68% D Group shares) of the shares of the Company belonging to the Turkish Treasury to the Turkish Wealth Fund. ​​​​​​

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