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Turk Telekom By Figures

Corporate Heritage of 176 Years
The most valuable Telco brand of Turkey in 9 consecutive years
We serve to a total of 39.6 Million subscribers.
First brand in Turkey integrating fixed voice, mobile, TV and broadband products under single roof
Turkey's biggest employer 33,621 employees in all 81 cities
Capable of providing broadband infrastructure to 98% of houses
The widest wireless backbone network in the Europe
Owns 241,000 km of fiber infrastructure
Turkey's first Web Tv and IPTV application
Fiber networks over 40,000 km in 20 countries other than Turkey
It has reached nearly 60% of households in Turkey through 15,0 Million Fiber homepasses.
18.8 Million Mobile subscribers
9.1 Million Broadband subscribers
2.0 Million TV and Tivibugo subscribers
2.0 Million High-speed Fiber-net and Hyper-net subscribers
The operator owning the highest market share in spectrum 4.5G below 2 Ghz
13.2 Million Fixed access lines
78%smart phone penetration* *the biggest penetration ratio in the market
Turk Telekom WiFi Fly; In more than 1.500 Turkish Airlines international flights
Turk Telekom WiFi; In 81 cities, more than 5.000 hotspots Also at stadiums of Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.
Copyright owner of UEFA Championship League and Europ​ean League
The only data center owning Tier 3 certificate

*All values are based on 2017 Q2 financial result announcement.