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Turk Telekom Group Social Responsibility Projects

Books on The Phone:

Telefon Kütüphanesi 
Telefon Kütüphanesi 
Telefon Kütüphanesi  
Telefon Kütüphanesi  

With the principle of equal opportunity in accessing information, Türk Telekom puts into practice the first free of charge phone library of Turkey in collaboration with the Boğaziçi University Laboratory of Technology and Education for the Visually Impaired (GETEM) launched on 3 December 2011 International Day of Person with Disabilities.

Books on the Phone contains nearly thousand books in more than fifty categories ranging from poetry to novels, history and self-improvement, pilot tests, descriptive films and trainings. Users can continue to listen from where they left later on, they can fast forward or rewind the book, listen to the book slower or faster and with the voice menu they can access the books faster.

Books on the Phone now have an application in it's fifth year. Book lovers with visual disabilities can now access to the library also on their mobile phones as well. Users with visual disabilities can download the application free of charge and access hundreds of books independent from location with the passwords they receive from GETEM.

Anyone who wants to contribute to people with visual disabilities reach more books can easily download the application "Voice to Books" free of charge and read overt this app voluntarily.

People with visual disabilities can access Books on the Phone by calling 0800 219 91 91 from fix lines or by downloading the Türk Telekom Phone Library application.

GETEM: 0212- 359 76 59 / 0212 359 75 38


Life is Simple with Internet:

İnternetle Hayat Kolay 
Poster Ham 

Life is Simple with Internet is a project which was put into practice with the cooperation of Türk Telekom, Habitat Association and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The project aims to provide everyone with equal opportunities in accessing information by eliminating regional and economical inequalities and introduce them to the digital world via Internet literacy trainings.

The target group of the project is adults, primarily women, over 35 years of age living in 50 development priority cities, who are not sufficiently acquainted with Internet and cannot thus benefit from the opportunities presented.

The aim of the project is to introduce 30.000 people with Internet until the end of 2017.


Gün Işığı  
Gün Işığı  

Within the scope of the project, the degree of sight of visually impaired children are identified and 100 children with adequate residual vision are subjected to "low vision training" for 7 months and made aware with regards to using their faculty of seeing. The project aims at enabling children with low vision to become individuals capable of independent action and raising the awareness of the parents via this training. The Project aims at popularizing the early intervention training by using technology and strives to increase the number of the children and families provided with the education each year.

Within the scope of the Project, children with low vision are provided with technological means enabling them to take the early intervention training with a distance education program.

Loud Steps Application:

Sesli Adımlar Uygulaması 

The Loud Steps application, which is designed to enable visually impaired people to walk in indoor spaces without need for help, aims at supporting them to mingle in social life. Together with its technological infrastructure, the Loud Steps application features a first in the world, where it can be used by all visually impaired people independent of the operator. The application is planned to be used in public areas such as airports and hospitals in 2016. Until today, 15.000 people downloaded the Loud Steps application.

Accessible Tivibu:

Engelsiz Tivibu 
Engelsiz Tivibu  

By means of the adjustments and developments made in Tivibu, visually impaired customers are provided with additional TV watching capabilities. Thanks to the improvements realized within the scope of the new era TV platform Tivibu, visually impaired Türk Telekom customers find the opportunity to access a qualified TV broadcast via Tivibu Web making use of narrator programs. Within the scope of Accessible Tivibu, visually impaired users conveniently reach the descriptive films folder, change between channels, forward and rewind the broadcast to watch again with the talking TV control and are able to use the whole Tivibu platform with narrator programs thanks to disabled-friendly redesigned Tivibu.

Türk Telekom Schools:

Telekom Okulları  

Located all around Turkey, 76 Türk Telekom education facilities, 52 of them being schools, offer students a modern education environment. Each year, thousands of students are graduated from these schools and benefit from the facilities, which were granted to the Ministry of National Education.

Türk Telekom Amateur Sports Clubs:

Amatör Spor Kulüpleri  
Amatör Spor Kulüpleri  

Considering the positive contribution of sports related to the development of young people, Türk Telekom invests in the future of Turkey by supporting amateur sportsmen and sportswomen in diverse categories all over Turkey. In 44 cities, among more than five thousand sportsmen and sportswomen in 28 branches ranging from basketball to fencing, athletics and badminton, hundreds of youngsters succeeded in being elected for the national team and representing Turkey abroad.

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